Counterfeiting Affects Everyone

TruTag’s authentication technology is the most secure and covert solution to detect counterfeits within your supply chain. The customizable product intelligence we provide you will help reveal where the breaches are in your operations so that you can safeguard your brand from the damaging effects of counterfeiting.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in counterfeit goods affecting every industry. According to a CNN report, between 100,000 and one million people die each year from counterfeit drugs. Any branded product can be counterfeited leaving global brand manufacturers vulnerable to revenue loss, liabilities and brand erosion. Products moving through the manufacturing and distribution process come into contact with numerous channels, presenting an opportunity for counterfeit products to enter the legitimate supply chain at any point.

counterfeiting_fake_sAnti-Counterfeiting Solution to Protect Your Investments

TruTag Technologies has developed an anti-counterfeiting solution that secures and strengthens the chain from manufacturer to consumers by making the widespread tracking of individual items feasible. TruTag microtags (“TruTags®”) made of high purity silica are safe and secure, and can be added into or on the product itself to serve as a covert on-product code that can confirm authenticity as well as reveal a wide variety of product intelligence.

TruTag’s anti-counterfeiting solution offers an additional tool to add to the arsenal in the fight against counterfeiting to maintain the integrity of your brand and products.