Drug Delivery

Driving Innovation

Imagine a future where injections for the treatment of Wet Age Related Macular Denegation (AMD) can be reduced, where side effects and chances of infections can be minimized, and where patient compliance and quality of life is improved. Glimpse into a future where side effects from anti-cancer treatments are decreased providing comfort for patients receiving cancer care.

Making a Difference

The future is here with TruTag Technologies’ breakthrough solution using a silica-based nano-engineered material for precision targeting of drug delivery and release regimens. TruTag has assembled a cost-effective, custom in-vivo compatible and GMP-compliant nano-engineered material for a more effective and safer platform for drug delivery with precise control of release profile.

Existing treatments for Wet AMD require frequent injections, every four to eight weeks, but a TruTag-enabled device currently in development promises to reduce injection frequency (and related complications) to once every six months to a year, greatly increasing patient comfort, streamlining health care provider operations and reducing costs.

For targeted release applications, a TruTag-enabled device can enable drugs to be introduced at specific, targeted areas of concern rather than delivering debilitating drugs throughout the entire blood stream with often significant side effects.

Make a difference with the leading provider of silica-based nano-engineered material for drug delivery.