Pharmaceutical + Nutraceutical

Brand Protection for Pharmaceutical + Nutraceutical

TruTag Technologies guides pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in navigating the complexities of the supply chain by mitigating risks due to unauthorized diversion, counterfeiting, product recalls and quality incidents.

To see how our solution works with solid oral dosage form drug products without adding any new equipment or processes to the tablet manufacturing process, watch the video on the right.

The TruTag Platform

We help our clients develop innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions using TruTag® microtags (“TruTags®”) made of silicon dioxide, or silica, which are:

  • Safe
  • Covert
  • Edible: silica is “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) by the US FDA
  • Resilient: TruTags lasts for the entire product lifetime
  • Customizable: TruTags can mark items with unique information for product verification and traceability

TruTag’s on-product authentication solution specifically addresses the problems of counterfeiting, product diversion, returns monitoring, quality control and product recalls in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Each tag is encoded with an optical signature that is manufactured into the microtags without the use of additional additives or markers, and can be mixed into a coating or polymer.

TruTag’s authentication technology is distinctive in that each TruTag contains a custom-manufactured spectral signature chosen from millions of possibilities, yet each pill can be labeled cost-effectively, making widespread tracking of individual items feasible. TruTags will last indefinitely through the product’s lifecycle and can be read by TruTag’s optical reader. TruTag’s optical reader can confirm the genealogy of the product without needing to send it back to a central laboratory for verification. The TruTag approach includes an ability to code by product, dosage, plant, manufacturing line, and even batch.

This technology-enabled approach gives pharmaceutical companies the power to scan a pill found anywhere in the world and immediately confirm its authenticity, place and date of manufacture, lot number, and other product intelligence directly from the dosage form itself, without ever needing the product packaging.

TruTag’s variability in code management gives you the business information tool you need to prevent lost revenue, reduce costs and liabilities, and protect your brand. Make sure that you have the right product, in the right place, at the right time with TruTag microtags.