Secure Labels & Documents

Ultimate Security in Label & Packaging

TruTag Technologies is your ideal partner in the fight against product diversion and counterfeiting. Together, we’ll work with you to give you the peace of mind that your products are safe, secure and well protected.

We strive to support you in addressing the challenges that impact today’s complex global supply chain with SecuriLam™ intelligent laminate, the world’s first off-the-shelf laminate used for supply chain security and traceability purposes.

We’ve developed an affordable authentication technology solution using TruTag microtags (“TruTags®”) made of high purity silica or silicon dioxide that can be incorporated into existing labels and packaging give you a cost-effective and efficient brand protection solution.

TruTags are:

  • Safe
  • Resilient: TruTags will last for the entire product lifetime
  • Covert: The elegance of the existing label will not be impacted
  • Edible: Deemed as GRAS by the US FDA and can be integrated into food or onto food packaging
  • Customizable: TruTags can mark items with unique information for product verification and traceability

TruTags are uniquely etched through a highly precise process, and associated with a specific optical signature. TruTags will last indefinitely through the product’s lifecycle and can be authenticated in the field using an advanced imaging reader. The reader works by collecting a particle’s spectral code that is then cross referenced against active codes. SecuriLam™ intelligent laminate can be authenticated instantly at any point in the supply chain using TruTag’s proprietary authentication devices and associated product or document intelligence is revealed–manufacturing information, distribution channel, sales territory, etc. All the authentication data is stored centrally on the platform and is available for reporting purposes.

The TruTag approach includes an ability to code by product line, country, plant, trading partner or batch offering you a cost-effective and efficient brand protection solution against counterfeiting and illegal trade.