Specialty Materials

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TruTag materials are the enabling elements in a number of drug delivery, luminescent tagging, theranostic, chemical detection, and biodetection systems. The unoxidized material is a common starting material for preparation of silicon quantum dots.

Drug-delivery: Nano-pores in the particles are filled with an active pharmaceutical ingredient. The therapeutic payload is released as the particles are chemically broken down to non-toxic byproducts in the body. The particle/drug combination product can be tuned to provide varying time-dependent release profiles. Standard chemistries can be used to modify the particles to enhance biocompatibility and to enable receptor-specific targeting.

Bio & chemical detection: Tags are functionalized by filling pores with an indicating reagent or a selective capture probe reagent/ bio-sensor , typically by reflectance spectroscopy. Photonic crystal formulations allow naked-eye detection via visible color changes for some applications.

Theranostics: Is a combination therapy used to diagnose and treat tumors. As with the drug-delivery, the tags act as a carrier for the therapeutic payload.