The TruTag Solution

The TruTag Platform for Product Authentication and Brand Protection

TruTags-in-Hand-0114_sTruTag Technologies, Inc. on-product authentication solution directly and covertly marks products to provide a powerful business information and security tool for global manufacturers of products and components. Specifically, our technology addresses the problems of counterfeiting, product diversion, returns monitoring, quality control and product recalls in advanced industries such as pharmaceutical and nutraceutical and secure labels and documents. Make sure that you have the right product, in the right place, at the right time with TruTag microtags (“TruTags®”).

TruTags are made of silicon dioxide, or silica, a material that has been affirmed as “generally recognized as safe” by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Each TruTag is encoded with an optical signature that is secure and edible, and can be mixed into a coating or polymer.

TruTag’s authentication technology is distinctive in that each TruTag contains a custom-manufactured spectral signature chosen from millions of possibilities, yet each high-volume item can be labeled cost-effectively, making widespread tracking of individual items feasible. The microtags are manufactured without additives or markers and does not interact or interfere with other ingredients.

Benefits of the TruTag Platform

  • Safe and edible
  • Passive – no energy input or output
  • Millions of spectral codes achievable
  • High temperature resistance with a melting point above 1000°C
  • High level of security possible; can be scaled to suite specific product needs
  • Inconspicuous size range (≈50 to 100 micrometers) allows covert or semi-covert use

3B-Image-310x223-300x216-2-300x246Verification with TruTag’s Optical Readers

TruTag’s microtags can be measured with TruTag’s portable spectrometer-based optical reader and can reference a label in a secure database, where additional information about the item (including lot number, expiration date, date of manufacture, authorized customer, or country of authorized sale) can be stored as desired, such as a link to a future e-pedigree track and trace system.

The microtags are passive, inconspicuous and can be attached either to the outside of items to be read like on the coating of a pill, or mixed into items as a forensic excipient to be read as part of an inspection process or investigation by authorized security or quality assurance personnel.

TruTag for Forensic Applications

The unique coding of a TruTag is present throughout the microtag rather than along the surface so even if the tag is broken, each individual piece still contains all of the encoded information. As long as any piece of the tag can be discovered and interrogated, the information is not lost.

In addition to reading high-volume, low-cost, high-value items in the field at locations throughout a global supply chain, the TruTag platform can be used in forensic applications where the TruTags are inserted inside an item and later recovered and authenticated in a laboratory setting. In such an application, the amount of TruTags per item as well as the deployment of a substantial number of reader units can be reduced.

Improve Your Business with TruTags

TruTag Technologies makes it easy for you to optimize the safety and integrity of your products. If you are looking for an efficient and  cost-effective solution to recover lost revenue, reduce manufacturing cost, decrease liability, and prevent brand damage due to counterfeiting and product diversion, contact us today!