TruTag Technologies, Inc. is committed to developing the most effective product authentication and brand protection solution to address the trillion-dollar problem of counterfeit and diverted goods. TruTag has garnered some exceptional partnerships with organizations that share our commitment. To learn more about some of our partners, please see below.

TruTag 是一家私营公司,总部位于加利福尼亚州埃默里维尔,业务位于夏威夷卡波莱(檀香山以西 20 英里)、宾夕法尼亚州和英国。 公司由亚太地区的风险投资基金、投资公司和战略合作伙伴提供支持。

Pangea VenturesPangaea Ventures invests in start-up companies that use advanced materials to make our world better. Established in 2000, Pangaea believes that breakthroughs in advanced materials are becoming increasingly important for companies to excel in almost any market. Pangaea’s current fund is focused on supporting companies commercializing advanced materials and advanced material process innovations within energy, electronics, health, and sustainability. Pangaea’s offices in Vancouver, BC and Phoenix, AZ give us a broad geographic reach across North America. Additionally, Pangaea’s Strategic Limited Partner relationships in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East open doors for our portfolio companies to access global markets, supply chains, and manufacturing opportunities.

Happiness Capital LogoHappiness Capital is a global venture capital firm based in Hong Kong. We currently have investments in the US, Europe, Israel, China and Hong Kong. Our mission is to make the world a happier place by investing in startups and VC funds that are committed to the same mission as ours. We aim to grow a Super Happiness ecosystem in which our invested companies and VC funds continue to co-create a happier world together with us. Happiness Capital is part of the LKK Health Products Group, a Hong Kong-based corporation, which was established by the Lee Kum Kee Family in 1992. LKKHPG operates diversified businesses in Chinese herbal health products, Chinese herbs plantation and trading, property investment, and venture capital for startups.

WuXi-logo2五喜AppTec集团是全球领先的制药、医疗器械开放接入能力和技术平台公司,具有全球运营能力。作为一家以创新为导向、以客户为中心的公司,吴喜 AppTec 集团提供广泛而集成的服务组合,帮助我们的全球客户和合作伙伴缩短发现和开发时间,降低药品和医疗器械研发成本通过经济高效和高效的解决方案。凭借在小分子研发和制造、细胞治疗和基因治疗研发与制造以及医疗器械测试领域的行业领先能力,WuXi 平台为来自 30 多个国家的 3,000 多名创新合作者提供为患者带来创新的医疗保健产品,实现五喜AppTec集团"每一种药物都能制成,每一种疾病都能治疗"的梦想。

要塞公司是住友公司的企业风险投资机构, 是全球领先的综合性贸易公司之一。在硅谷和波士顿设有办事处, 在过去的二十年里, 在160多家公司中, 要塞企业已经投入了投资。我们的住友子公司和子公司的扩展网络, 包括北美和南美的住友公司 (SCOA), 帮助为初创企业量身定做支持, 确保新公司能够从前期投资中获得成功。IPO。我们寻找机会与企业家合作, 在关键行业, 塑造我们的生活方式。

Established in 1976, Acer is a hardware + software + services company dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of innovative products that enhance people’s lives. Acer’s product offerings include PCs, displays, projectors, servers, tablets, smartphones, and wearables. The company is also developing cloud solutions to bring together the Internet of Things. Acer employs 7,000 people and ranks No. 4 for total PCs globally. Revenues for 2014 reached US$10.39 billion. Please visit www.acer.com 以获取更多信息。

Arocrest-logo2Arocrest 是一家总部位于亚洲的投资公司,由战略所有者-投资者家族运营。 通过将一小群家族办公室的优势与机构层面的经验相结合,我们为快速增长的公共和私营企业(主要是亚洲)提供资本和建立战略伙伴关系的机会。 我们理念的关键是发展对公司战略至关重要的长期、稳定和可持续的关系。 Arocrest 寻求成为积极、增值的投资者,将行业专业知识和国际网络相结合,帮助企业实现专业化并加速增长。

skai-logo2SKAI Ventures 是一家总部位于夏威夷的混合型风险资本和技术加速公司,专注于将来自世界各地的科学家和发明家的新颖、有独创性的想法转化为具有全球影响力的颠覆性创新和高速发展公司。SKAI 被选为 2011 年 APEC 会议的商业创新展示公司。SKAI 的座右铭是发明。颠覆。启发。

Dinova 徽标DiNova Venture Capital 是一家专注于医疗行业的国际风险投资公司,在香港和中国上海设有办事处,并与上海的 DiNova 生物医学创新中心以及中国地方政府合作,以建立一个独特的模式来在大中华地区转移和商业化颠覆性医疗技术。

助泰科技只接受来自“公认的投资者”和具有新兴技术公司经验的专业投资公司的投资。如果您有兴趣了解更多信息,请与我们联系。 联系我们.