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Cofounder of Symantec Denis Coleman Joins TruTag Technologies as Senior Scientific Advisor

Cofounder of Symantec Denis Coleman Joins TruTag Technologies as Senior Scientific Advisor. Coleman, visionary inventor and entrepreneur, to advise the development and commercialization of TruTag’s brand protection and security technology

HONOLULU, HI ─ March 5, 2012 ─TruTag Technologies, Inc., a leading product authentication technology company with proprietary solutions in the worldwide anti-­counterfeiting and brand protection markets, today announced the appointment of technology visionary Denis Coleman as Senior Scientific Advisor.

Coleman cofounded Symantec, the maker of Norton antivirus software, the fourth largest software company in the world. Today Symantec has over 18,000 employees and generates upwards of $6 billion in total revenue per year. As Scientific Advisor for TruTag Technologies, Coleman will lend his expertise and knowledge to assist in the commercialization of the company’s unique security and brand protection technology.

“We are honored to have Denis Coleman join us as a Senior Scientific Advisor,” said Dr. Hank Wuh, CEO of SKAI Ventures and Chairman of TruTag Technologies. “Denis’s tremendous success and experience as a prolific inventor, entrepreneur, and investor will be an enormous asset to TruTag as we build a global franchise and transform the marketplace for brand protection.”

“I am thrilled to be working with the TruTag team as they bring their groundbreaking technology to market,” said Coleman. “As time goes by, I find myself focusing on technologies that bring benefits not just to customers and investors, but to mankind. TruTag will become an industry standard and will have a fundamental impact in solving the massive global counterfeiting problem that plagues the world today. The edible nature of TruTag™ microtags gives it a unique advantage across many applications of critical importance to human health.”

TruTag Technologies, Inc. addresses the worldwide counterfeit markets totaling over $300 billion; these markets include pharmaceuticals, food, nutritional supplements, luxury goods, electronics, medical devices, industrial parts, wine and spirits, and many others.

TruTag Technologies has developed a low-­‐cost, heat-­‐resistant, and edible silica microtag that can help to prevent counterfeiting, improve tracking and authentication, provide informatics for product and component tracking through the supply chain, add efficiency to clinical trials administration, and assure product quality. Each microtag contains a unique, custom-­‐manufactured spectral signature chosen from a library of over a billion possibilities, allowing these microtags to serve as covert, “edible bar codes” that can be associated with a wide array of product information.

Since 1978, Coleman has helped start 14 companies in such diverse fields as optical character recognition, targeted Internet advertising, social-­‐networking software, and, most recently,
biotechnology. One of his most well-­‐known game-­‐changing inventions was the development of the first spell checker for a microcomputer, originally marketed in 1980 through a company called Innovative Software.

Since 1989, he has served variously as early board member, founder, software designer/developer in 11 other startups, three of which had IPO’s, including Neoforma, an online medical supply and equipment marketplace, Visioneer a hardware/software office imaging solutions, now merged with Nuance, and Financial Engines.

About TruTag Technologies

TruTag Technologies is the developer of a leading edible, covert security platform to address the trillion-dollar global illicit product challenge and the $200 billion market for counterfeit drugs. TruTags® are edible, dust-sized particles embedded with spectral data into the very fabric of a product, much like fingerprints on a person, without the need for labels or packaging. TruTag’s covert, low–cost, heat–resistant, and edible silica microtags serve as bar codes and can be incorporated into solid, oral-dose medications as well as other materials and products. The unique physical properties of TruTags® provide a vast library of available unique codes, which allow for tracking of high-volume, high-value items at product or even batch levels. This business information tool can be used in a variety of products, such as pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, food, electronics, industrial components, consumer goods, and medical devices.

The TruTag® security platform provides superior brand protection, enhances the safety and traceability of food and medicine, improves tracking and logistics, assures product quality, optimizes efficiency in clinical trial administration, provides informatics for product and component tracking through the supply chain, and enables the Internet of Things. TruTag Technologies, Inc., is a 2014 Technology Pioneer as selected by the World Economic Forum, an honor awarded to the world’s most innovative and influential companies whose technology can significantly impact the way business and society operates. Learn more at

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