Digitize for on-demand data.

TruTag has the world’s only digitization platform that combines secure edible barcodesTruTags® with consumer-friendly mobile apps to tag, track and trace drugs, life-critical consumables and other products.

code data

with unbeatable ‘barcodes’

microscopic barcode the size of a grain of silica

decode data

instantly with award-winning imaging tech and software

a handheld scanner detecting a microscopic barcode in medicine


Apply microscopic, secure, edible barcodes directly onto drugs, life-critical consumables and other products.

TruTags® are microscopic silica particles with engineered pore structures etched into them. The precise pore structure represents a specific signature that can be decoded by mobile phones and proprietary TruTag readers.

microscopic silica particles with engineered pore structures etched into them
microscopic silica particles with engineered pore structures etched into them



virtually invisible, about the width of a human hair

50 - 100 microns icon


practically impossible to reproduce nanoporous 3D honeycomb structure

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real-time data enables product authentication and patient compliance

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chemically, physically, thermally, and environmentally stable

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GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation by the US FDA

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Instantly identify, track and trace products anywhere in the supply chain using user-friendly mobile apps and scanners.

TruTag’s award-winning portable scanners instantly read and record products anywhere in the supply chain, from manufacturing all the way to the consumer. Learn more at HinaLea Imaging.


Advanced hyperspectral imaging technology captures up to 600 true spectral bands


mobile apps

Uses on-board RGB camera with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence software



data and analytics

The TrunetixTM system incorporates powerful analytic tools and a database of product information collected from our readers and mobile apps for tracking and tracing throughout the supply chain to enhance product security and combat counterfeiting.

Case Study 01

Digitize every drug.

Turn every drug into a data point to make medicine safe, improve patient interaction and outcome and bring big data to digital health.

Case Study 01

Digitize every drug.


Counterfeit drugs are a major problem for the pharmaceutical industry, both in terms of financial impact and in compromising patient safety.

  • The adverse economic impact of illicit drug supply to the global economy is estimated to exceed US$200 billion.
  • More than 1 out of 10 of the world’s prescription drugs are counterfeit
  • 97% of U.S on-line pharmacies are illegitimate.

This is a profound problem. Current traceability and security measures focused at the packaging level are not enough to deter fraud. Not only can packaging-level solutions such as barcodes be easily replicated, pills can be readily separated from their packaging and replaced with counterfeits.


Smart medicines with on-dose TruTags can be authenticated throughout the supply chain. Colorcon, the largest coatings provider to the pharmaceutical industry, has partnered with TruTag to introduce “SoteriaRx™ on-dose authentication that provides a powerful tool for tracking medicines from plant to patient and provides a level of supply chain authenticity and transparency not previously available. By incorporating TruTags, the pill itself effectively becomes a barcode which can be digitally scanned and recorded, providing instant authentication.


By enabling the mass digitization of drugs, TruTag’s solution can be applied to a range of applications including

  • safeguarding drug quality and safety;
  • improving patient engagement;
  • Improving medication adherence.

TruTag’s solution is particularly impactful to the medication adherence challenge. Currently only about 50% of patients take their medication as prescribed, resulting in a cost of more than US $600 billion to the global pharmaceutical industry. See it in action.

Case Study 02

Bring beef into the blockchain.

Secure and authenticate beef products using crypto-anchor technology.

Case Study 02

Bring beef into the blockchain.


Our most basic need, food, is being threatened by the growing food fraud industry, which is valued at a  staggering $40-50B/year. For example, for every  kilogram of Australian beef being sold in export  markets, the same amount is being counterfeited and labelled as Australian beef. In the best-case scenario,  these fake alternatives aren’t harmful to our consumer health. In  the worst-case scenario, the ingredients cause  harmful reactions that can result in hospitalization or even death. As with other consumables, tracking  of beef products is done at the packaging level  using barcodes with lot numbers and universal  product codes that are easily reproducible by  counterfeiters. With fraud happening throughout the  supply chain, beef processors and brand owners  need solutions that track and authenticate beef from the farmer to the customer.


Australian beef is labeled with covert, microscopic TruTags that are edible, impossible to replicate and placed directly on the meat instead of the packaging. The data embedded in TruTags can be scanned and read using a common cell phone, or convenient enterprise readers, at every step of the supply chain. This data is sent to the cloud for verification within the blockchain, providing an indisputable ledger for each  piece of meat.  The technology is versatile and can also be used at the packaging level or both on the on-product and packing level in combination.


TruTags enhances trust in the beef and other food & beverage industries by providing a cost-effective way to safely  secure and authenticate beef products from farm to fork.

Case Study 03

Secure critical consumer goods.

Enhance traceability and supply chain transparency for electronic components and products with tamper-proof labels powered by TruTags©.

Case Study 03

Secure critical consumer goods.


Rapidly growing consumer electronic sales and the increased adoption of electric power in aviation, aerospace, and electric vehicles are fueling exponential growth in the batteries that power them. With this growth arises the need to ensure the quality, authenticity and safety of battery products. The innovative TruTag Product Identity platform addresses the full spectrum of issues relevant in the battery market, including responsibly sourced raw materials, authentic materials and products, appropriate recycling, complete traceability and supply chain security.


Initially, Cuberg intends to deploy the TruTag Product Identity solution across its product line. Cuberg’s advanced batteries will be marked with TruTags that can be verified via mobile phones. This will allow customers to directly access and confirm the authenticity of their battery products. TruTags embedded in tamper proof labels that disintegrate upon attempted removal, make it nearly impossible for  counterfeiters to duplicate or replace the secure labels.  This solution in combination with a secure backend platform will subsequently be extended to full lifecycle product management–from raw materials to end user to post-consumer recycling–to ensure and constitute a closed loop product trust platform.


By providing a secure link between physical assets and backend supply chain management systems, TruTag addresses issues like responsible sourcing and traceability of materials from the mine to the battery that are significant challenges in the battery world. The solution enables manufacturers to give customers complete assurance of the authenticity, quality and safety of their batteries, in a truly secure and tamper-proof manner.