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June 21: TruTag Technologies and The Daily Wellness Company Co-Hosts Webcast with Nutritional Outlook

Webcast will focus on how to protect nutracuetical products with on-dose security technology

EMERYVILLE, CALIFORNIA ─ June 18, 2018 — TruTag Technologies, a leading security and technology solution provider, will partner with The Daily Wellness Company, a manufacturer of premium fertility supplements, to cohost a webcast through Nutritional Outlook Magazine that is focused on protection of premium nutraceutical products against counterfeiting and product diversion. Titled “How to Protect Nutraceutical Products in the Global Market with On-Dose Security Technology,” the webcast will be held Thursday, June 21 at 11am PDT/2pm EDT. Webcast presenters include Denny Kwock, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Daily Wellness Company, and Kent Mansfield, President of TruTag Technologies. Registration is now open.

The nutraceuticals market continues to grow at a rapid rate, and an increasingly globalized distribution and supply chain paves the way for increased risks of product integrity issues. These risks include potential adulterated, falsified, and diverted products.  As a result, traceability and real time detection are must-haves for quick remedial action when a product integrity issue arises. Premium brand owners must ensure consumers that their supplements are genuine, unadulterated, and safe.   This webcast will center on the latest innovations in ‘on dose’ or integrated product security that resides within the dosage form itself.

In 2017, The Daily Wellness Company, took a proactive measure in ensuring consumer trust in its brands by deploying TruTag’s dosage-level product identity technology for its products sold in the United States, starting with its top-selling product, FertilityBlend for Women™. TruTag Technologies on dose identity solution improves the capability for quickly detecting and remediating product quality and integrity issues for both pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in this chaotic distribution market.  Now, leaders from both companies are coming together to share their experience, and to discuss how this new cutting-edge technology (TruTag Technologies’ encoded silica microparticles) can be quickly and easily implemented in the manufacturing process and deployed into the field.

This webcast will cover:

  • The goals of The Daily Wellness Company in protecting its brand and product in the market
  • The engagement, development, deployment, and diagnostics involved with the program and the experience of both companies in launching this endeavor
  • The process for integrating TruTag’s solution to the manufactured product
  • How to use product in the supply chain to diagnose and detect any issues and to confirm product integrity

“The growing popularity and increase in consumer demand for high performance supplements has paved the way for potential supply chain integrity issues, especially for premium brand owners that command higher pricing due to brand loyalty and the quality established in the market,” said Kwock. “So, we turned to TruTag and their on-dose product identification solution as we expanded into new markets. We look forward to sharing the experience and empowering others in the nutraceutical industry who may want to also deploy an on-dose security solution and are also looking to implement the latest innovative technology.”

About TruTag Technologies, Inc.

TruTag Technologies, Inc. is a leading security and technology solution provider serving businesses and governments around the world. TruTag has the most advanced precision-fabricated, cGMP nano-porous silica manufacturing operation in the world for a variety of applications and security solutions, including product identity for food, medicine, secure labels and documents. The company’s highly-specialized nano-porous silica particles extend to precision drug delivery systems for the biopharmaceutical industry. TruTag’s nano-fabrication technology platform is complemented by its advanced hyperspectral imaging solutions, which can be applied to a broad array of market applications from medical diagnostics to machine vision.

TruTag Technologies has been recognized by the SPIE Prism Awards, the Edison Awards, Fast Company, R&D 100, and was selected a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum as one of the most influential technology companies in the world. Learn more at

About The Daily Wellness Company

The Daily Wellness Company creates natural nutritional formulas that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. It is an industry leader in innovating clinically-validated natural health care products, and the company’s research and development program has been committed to sponsoring independent, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies at major research institutions, a process that is time-, capital-, and expertise-intensive. This reflects The Daily Wellness Company’s long-term commitment to its customers, and to creating the most trusted wellness brands.  In the last decade, the company has sponsored nationally recognized studies with leading institutions including Stanford University School of Medicine, the Spark M. Matsunaga Veterans Administration Medical Center, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, University of Hawaii School of Medicine, and the National Cancer Institute.

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