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TruTag a FIERCE INNOVATION AWARD Winner for 2022

TruTag Technologies, a leading provider of smart medicine solutions, has received an Innovation Award from Fierce Healthcare in the Digital/Mobile Healthcare Solutions category. The award showcases outstanding innovation that is transforming the industry. TruTag Technologies was chosen as a winner because its smart medicine solution has the potential to facilitate the mass digitization of medicines and provide significant value to patients and brands.

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has embraced digital transformation as a means of generating data that enables faster and better-informed decision-making. Smart medicine solutions are set to expand on this trend by digitizing medicines themselves. This digital transition offers the potential to safeguard, engage and communicate with patients through personalized, digital interventions that can shape behaviors and offer meaningful improvements to health outcomes.

“We are thrilled to win this Fierce Healthcare Innovation Award for 2022,” said TruTag Technologies CEO Michael Bartholomeusz. “TruTag Technologies is at the forefront of the mass digitization of medications through its smart medicine solution. With smart medicines, every dose becomes a basis for patient communication, engagement, and data generation. The transition to smart medicines offers a significant source of value creation to the pharmaceutical industry.”

“Winners of the Fierce Innovation Awards represent those that champion innovation in the face of great competition,” said Rebecca Willumson, SVP & Publisher of Fierce Biotech and Fierce Pharma. “Our panel of judges looked for effectiveness, technical innovation, competitive advantage, financial impact, and true innovation. We are very proud of this year’s class and send our congratulations to all the Innovation Award winners.”