Recalls & Quality Control

Safeguard the Value of your Brand

Product recalls have hit a record high and the discovery of safety issues or product defects can create substantial liability and financial risk for your company. The decision of how broadly a product recall should be can have an enormous financial impact on your business.

The TruTag authentication solution can help you quickly determine which lot and manufacturing site the defective item originated so you can assess the scope of the problem economically and accurately. By embedding TruTags in or on your products, you can verify the origin of the product even when it has been separated from its original packaging.


Manufacturing Errors are Inevitable

Quality is an important part of any supply chain and assuring consistent quality of high-volume goods can be difficult. On the manufacturing floor, before products or parts are packaged, mix-ups can often occur that can hurt your reputation. Verify that your products and parts are packaged correctly before it enters the market is key to protecting your brand.

By embedding TruTag microtags (“TruTags®”) into or onto an item, your operations team can confirm and re-confirm the identity of that item. Use this product intelligence to reduce errors when handling products prior to final packaging to improve the quality of items and reduce operating costs.

Pharmaceutical Quality is Assured

In the pharmaceutical industry, quality control is essential to protecting the health and safety of patients. Drug companies spend billions of dollars on experimental drugs whose efficacy is tested through long-term, large scale clinical trials. In those trials, the identity and strength of the drug used (or the presence of a placebo) is usually blinded to the patient as well as the caregiver to ensure the reliability of the results. Any mix-up of the medicine could jeopardize years of research and millions of dollars.

And by coating the various clinical study drugs with TruTags®, the identity of various batches of medicines can be confirmed, even without alerting the patient or caregiver to that identity, allowing for greater reliability in clinical studies administration. TruTags are made of high-purity silica, a material that has been affirmed as “generally recognized as safe,” by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and is afforded similar treatment in Europe.

TruTag’s expertise in authentication technology can help you maintain consistent quality in your supply chain and protect the overall profitability of your company.